Why Go to Farmers Markets

Have you ever wondered about the difference between going to a supermarket and going to a farmers market? For starters, the first type of market is way too industrial and the other seems rather humble in comparison. But, there is charm in humbleness.

Lots of benefits

Notwithstanding the fact that a supermarket is always close to your home and more practical, people need to understand those things which are usually not published by the public media. I would like to start by clarifying some facts. Products that are sold in a farmers market actually are safer for your health. Why? Well, they do not contain those pesticides and are not transgenic. These characteristics are not stated in vain. They are extremely important because nowadays, genetic as we know it is becoming more and more industrial, modifying everything that we ingest every day of our lives. Genetic transformation of vegetables and fruits is definitely changing our way of life, only that instead of in a good way, it is for worst.

Let’s set an example: because of implanting fish genes to a specific fruit, like banana, if someone is allergic to fish they will also be allergic to this fruit. This situation replicates almost with every single aliment that we consume. So if lately you are feeling sick, tired, somnolent, etc. you should consider, besides from seeing a doctor, eating organic foods.

Benefits of going organic

Benefits of organics are that they are pesticides and mutation free. Farmers grow them in their respective lands and then sell each and every one of their harvests at special farmers market. Despite of what you may think, these products are not dirty or rotten, in fact, you will notice the difference between a gigantic tomato that seems unrealistic, and a normal one. It is beyond known that these crops are way more nutritious than the industrial ones.

While supermarkets are more capitalist and closer, farmers market may not be. But health always comes first. The transformed foods sold in the regular marketplace are the main cause for diseases such as heart disease, obesity, allergies, and gastroenterological problems.

But, if you still think that those health-related problems will never reach you, think about your children, grandchildren, nephews, etcetera. Have you ever noticed that little ones these days are more propense to developing illnesses than twenty years ago? That is because of what they eat. If they do not grow up with the corresponding nutrients and vitamins they need, they will grow up weaker than the little ones back then. Or they could not experience height growth at all, since that is also a problem with children today. They lack the necessary nutrients to grow because nourishments lack them, too.

It is time for a change, stay safe and healthy. Go organic