The Market


Kiama Farmers Market is a market that is held by the farmers on Wednesdays at Surf Beach. This beach is located on Manning Street. The market starts each week by ringing a bell and it normally starts at 3 pm and closes at 6 pm on the periods when Daylight Savings is on. On the periods when Daylight Saving is off, it starts at 2 pm and closes at 5 pm. There is no market trading taking place before the bell is rung.


This type of farmers market pays attention to the origin of a particular food and it is in a forefront in ensuring that the producers, the makers, and the growers that are locally located are highly protected. This market allows children to play on Kiama’s beach, skimming of stones across Kiama’s harbour, fossicking in the rock pools, and sitting on the grass while enjoying an early dinner or the picnic snack.

A variety of foods

They provide a variety of the seasonal produce in each and every week which they sell directly from the makers or the farmers to the customers. Apart from selling vegetable produce and a variety of different fruits, customers can have an expectation of seafood, the local Wagyu beef, the local eggs, local milk which they sell directly from the dairy farmers, honey, and gelato that is made directly from the local milk. They also have cider, they have wine, they have mushrooms, and there is a variety of different cakes and tarts. They also offer preserves like sourdough bread, street food, and meals that are ready made.

This market offers a variety of locally grown foods that are delicious and fresh. The atmosphere of this place is recognised to be vibrant and friendly which attracts a number of residents to the area. The customers have a good chance of wandering around this market while soaking up the area’s atmosphere, chatting and learning more from the local type of stall holders, trying some categories of the yummy samples, having a watch to some of the demonstrations for cooking, and also enjoying the weekly basis entertainment that is offered in this place.

Customers have a good chance of trying some of the bacon jam they provide, tasting the Germany cheese kransky, and trying the rabbit pie or the duck pie. Other varieties they offer are like the Jamberoo avocados, the Darkes type of cider, the sausage rolls that are hot, and many more. The market forms the best place where customers can tantalise their respective taste buds with a number of the vegetables and fruits that are fantastic and fresh. Thus, the market is recognised to be offering products that are fresh and locally grown.