Setting Up A Stall

How to set up a stall at a farmer’s market

There are many rules and guidelines for setting up a stall at a farmer’s market, but don’t let these stop you

  • Farmer’s markets have rules and guidelines for setting up a stall
  • You will want to contact your local market for information on setting up a stall
  • Some markets require that goods be made in the local area in order to have a stall, but they do let products made in the country have stalls too.

Farmers markets have been increasing in popularity throughout Australia in recent years. Many people such as farmers and artisans have turned to farmers markets to promote their businesses and sell their goods. So many may wonder what it takes to set up a stall at a farmers market. Maybe you are a patron who is curious about the process or maybe you are a vendor who wants to set up a stall of your own. No matter who you are, the following information is how someone goes about setting up a stall at farmers market.

First, you will want to determine if there is a farmers market in the area where you produce your products. The requirement of many farmers markets is that the stall owner produces products in the geographical boundaries set up by the farmer’s market. You must make your products within the geographical boundaries or with products made within the geographical boundaries of the farmers market or at least with products made in Australia. The purpose of these requirements is to keep products local to the area in order to boost the local economies and at least to keep products within the country to boost the country’s economy. This is also one of the many reasons that farmers markets have become so popular, they keep products local and add to the local economies that they are located in.

Licences, permits and laws will dictate business, but people around you will guide business to you

  • Licences, permits and laws dictate how stalls and markets are ran
  • Different types of products and stall require different licences and permits
  • Promoting your stall is just one step in being successful
  • You will want to grow good relationships with stall owners around you

Once you have found the farmer’s market that you want to have a stall in, you will need to determine the types of licences or permits that you will need. Oftentimes, the market manager will help you out with determining what licences and permits you need. It is always a good idea to know what you will need before setting up a stall in order to allow time for the licence and permits to get to you. If you are running a food stall you will want to make sure that you obtain a food stall licence while ensuring that you, your staff, and your stall are up to standard and that food safety codes and standards are followed. You will also want to learn about laws governing the products you are selling, such as trade measurement laws for products being sold by measurements (i.e. weight, volume, length, etc).

Now that you have your stall, licences and permits, and set up according laws regulations, you will want to start promoting your stall and getting to know your stall neighbors. You will want to be ready for business now that you are all setup, and this means having cash registers, cash boxes, bags, and other things necessary for business. Do not forget to have business cards printed as these can be handed out with orders or while walking around promoting the stall. Business cards give your customers a way to contact you after the farmer’s market has concluded should they decide to buy more of your products or have any issues or concerns. Getting to know those who are in stalls around you is good business practice. It allows you to know what is around you, who may be a good or practical business partner as well as someone who can promote your stall as well as doing the same for them.

Setting up a stall at a farmer’s market is not as difficult as it may sound. There are many things you will want to consider before jumping head first into setting up at a farmers market. You will want to make sure you follow the rules and guidelines set up by the farmer’s market of your choice before setting up. Making sure that you have the right licences and permits will ensure that you are selling your products legally. Once you set up your stall, you will want to start networking with those around you to build good relationships as well as promoting your stall and business. Now that you know what it takes to set up a stall at a farmer’s market, maybe you will be at the next local farmer’s market selling your goods or just wondering around as patron.