Porkery-Hill Porkery Hill
Pam & Joel are true free range farmers of large white pig breeds and base their business on the principle of “happy pig’s means good tasting pork”. Their pigs are free to roam the hills of the property and get lots of exercise and lush green grass along the way and as such the pork meat is very lean.   The flavour in the pork comes from the meat itself as they are happy pigs free to roam. Apart from grass and dirt, the pigs are fed local milk and grain based pellets which gives the pork a home grown flavour. Produce includes: pork belly; chops; bacon, hocks; sausages; chorizo; spare ribs; cutlets; shoulder & more..
Market attendance:   Fortnightly – to every 3 weeks – depending on stock availability
A: Nowra Hill, NSW 2541
P: 0418 231 491 / 0410 347 076
E: johnston@shoalhaven.net.au
W: www.porkeryhill.com.au


Bax-Beef Bax Beef
Bax’s Beef is a family owned and operated business, located in Gerringong and provides naturally 100% grass-fed yearling beef direct from the farmer to your kitchen. The meat is only processed once they receive your order, as this guarantees fresh produce direct to you. All meat is processed by a licensed accredited butcher and no substances are added to your meat to increase the weight or alter the colour.  At Bax’s Beef you receive fresh natural produce.  Free local delivery is also available.
Market attendance:  6 x times per year or order directly
A:   Gerringong

Kiama-Fisheries Kiama Fisheries
Husband & wife team (well close enough….they will be married finally in June 2014!), Ruth and Steve, offer a wide variety of locally caught seafood at Kiama Fisheries, located at the Kiama Harbour.  They are open from Wednesday – Monday year round from 10am and open 7 days a week in summer.   Fish caught by local fisherman and cleaned and filleted by Steve to ensure maximum freshness.   If come to the market on a day that Kiama Fisheries doesn’t have a stall then just pop over to the shopfront near the rock pool at the Kiama Harbour.
Market attendance:  Weekly
A:  Kiama Harbour, Kiama NSW 2533
P:  02-4232 1800