Buena-Vista  Buena Vista Farm
Buena Vista Farm is a retired dairy farm in Gerringong that’s been in Fiona’s family since 1859.  Fiona and Adam moved back to the farm from Sydney in early 2011 with Joel Salatin’s rotational sustainable grazing and poultry operations in mind.  They raise laying hens, meat chickens, free range pigs, bees, coffee and organically grown vegetables.  Recently they have launched a range of “hands-on” farm workshops which focuses on handling the animals who provide our food, harvesting fresh produce and making good, nutrient-dense and incredibly tasty food from scratch.
Market attendance:  Weekly
A:   Gerringong
P:   0414 703 958
E:  Fiona@buenavistafarm.com.au
W:  www.buenavistafarm.com.au


Pines The Pines
: – For six generations The Pines Dairy have been producing high quality milk, which is now available direct to you!Their cows are award winning Holsteins, bred for rich & creamy milk production and fed on naturally grown pastures – producing delicious, full flavoured milk that varies with the seasons.  Minimal processing ensures the taste and structural integrity of the milk is as nature intended. Every step is done on farm – from milking the cows twice a day, using a slow speed pump to transfer the milk, batch pasteurise in small quantities and bottled by hand. This guarantees you get the freshest, safest and tastiest milk available.The Pines milk is pasteurised at a lower temperature and non-homogenised; allowing the cream to rise to the top – ‘the way it used to be’!
GELATO: – The Pines gelato is produced fresh on farm each week using their own milk as the main ingredient (70% fresh milk!!). This gives the gelato a lovely fresh creamy texture and smooth finish.   They then source the finest ingredients to create a range of tasteful classic and delicious contemporary flavours including Pannacotta with Blackberries, Farmhouse Caramel, Cinnamon with Rhubarb and Ginger, Vanilla Bean with Marinated Baby Figs, and Rich Chocolate – to name a few.
Market attendance:   Weekly
A:   Saddleback Mountain, Kiama
P:   0449 914 063
E:   info@thepineskiama.com.au
W:  www.thepineskiama.com.au

Pecora-dairy Pecora Dairy
Pecora Dairy was launched in 2011 by Michael and Cressida McNamara. Their farm is situated in Robertson, the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands.   The East Friesian ewes are ideally suited to Robertson, where cool climate and high rainfall meets fertile rich red basalt soils. It is this wonderful combination of lush green pasture and carefully selected genetics which provides the most wonderful milk for their cheeses.Containing almost twice the solids of cow or goat milk, ewe’s milk is not only wonderfully creamy and sweet but has numerous health benefits. It has been found to be beneficial for people who suffer from asthma and eczema and digestible for people who are lactose intolerant. It is an incredibly nutritious milk with double the calcium, phosphorus, zinc and B group Vitamins.Produce includes: award winning Jamberoo Mountain Blue; Bloomy White; Mezza & Ewes milk yoghurt.
Market attendance: Fortnightly
A: Robertson, NSW
P: 02 4885 2606
E: pheasantground@gmail.com
W: www.pecoradairy.com.au