Weekly farmer’s market now held in Coronation Park at Surf Beach* in Kiama – EVERY WEDNESDAY.

*The market was originally established at Black Beach, Kiama.   A severe storm in June 2016 damaged the pathways and infastructure at Black Beach and consequently the Kiama Farmers’ Market relocated to Coronation Park at Surf Beach.  This was originally just a temporary home for the market whilst repairs were carried out at Black Beach, however overwhelming feedback from the community indicated that the Surf Beach location was preferred by market shoppers.  Discussion are still ongoing with Kiama Municipal Council about the future home of the market and major hurdle is the establishment of permanent power in Coronation Park (currently a generator is hired each week to power many of the stalls).  A new website with updated photography will be established once a final decision has been reached about the future home of the market.

The Winter trading hours of  2 – 5pm come into effect as of Wednesday, 5 April 2017.  Summer trading hours of  3 – 6pm resume when Daylight Saving resumes in October 2017.   The bell “rings” EVERY Wednesday to commence trading and no trading can take place before the bell rings.

A committee of farmers, producers & foodies got together in mid 2013 to form a non-for-profit association to launch the Kiama Farmers’ Market. This committee is completely independent of the Kiama Municipal Council and is not associated with either the Kiama Produce Market (run by Kiama Council & held on the 4th Saturday of the month) OR the Kiama Seaside Market (run by the Kiama Chamber of Commerce & held on the 3rd Sunday of the month).

The market is a genuine farmers market with beautiful locally sourced produced and made food goods.

Kiama Farmers’ Market Committee Members:

Chairperson: – Fiona Weir Walmsely – Buena Vista Farm

Treasurer: – Tass Schmidt – Jamberoo Valley Farm

Secretary / Market Manager: – Tricia Ashelford

Director / Market Assistant: – Steve Law – Little Blowhole Cafe

Director: – Mahlah Grey – The Pines Dairy

Director: – Cathy Law – Little Blowhole Cafe

Director: – Kel Grey – The Pines Dairy

The Kiama Farmers’ Market Committee can be contacted as follows:-

P:  0431 823 078

E:  kiamafarmersmarket@gmail.com